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What a Virtual Presenter does:

Corporate Video Reports

Meetings and group gatherings are no longer possible with the new safety regulations in the world and many company leaders are looking for new solutions in order to carry out their daily activities.
A Virtual Presenter or ‘V Host’ could be the perfect solution to deliver weekly reports to employees while they are working remotely.

Virtual Events

Events globally have been either cancelled or postponed, costing agencies and organizers a great loss of time and money. This has also led to a degree of uncertainty in the world as to when agencies can recommence their activities. In the meantime, a Virtual Presenter or ‘V Host’ could be a viable solution to reach audiences worldwide with Online Events and yet still, maintain all mandatory safety precautions.


We are shifting progressively into a digital era, with online learning becoming more and more a booming industry. The availability of information via experts, coaches and speakers is abundant and audiences are seeking means to upgrade their skills online. What is often underestimated however, is the importance of a strong moderator to introduce the speaker, in an engaging manner, with strong communication skills and a natural level of ‘likability’. Regardless of how talented the actual speaker might be, a good Moderator or ‘V Host’ could be a the best choice to make or break a talk!

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