Nice to meet you, I’m Kris!

I’m a former MTV Europe Vj, a Television Presenter and longstanding Radio Host.

I’ve worked for 20+ years in broadcast media and I’ve travelled the world, went LIVE from Red Carpets (before internet existed) and interviewed the hottest celebrities and most influential Pop Stars in the world (Sharon Stone, Britney Spears, Blink 182, Enrique Inglesias, George Michael, Jennifer Lopez, Puff Daddy, REM, Backstreet Boys…. And the list goes on and on…

Live Cameras and Stages are like a second home to me, I love communicating with the world and somehow leaving a positive impact on the people I speak with.

When the pandemic hit, I took a real hard look at my life and my career and asked myself those serious questions: “how can I be of service to the world?” “how can my experience and know-how really help people excel in their lives?” “what do I really want to do with my life?”…

The answers to these questions came loud and clear!

In 2020 I founded and built my signature online coaching program ‘Speak With Impact – Video Excellence Coaching’ with a mission to help business professionals transition into the digital world and help them navigate this new normal we’re all living in; speaking more to screens than to people face to face.

The gratification of seeing clients shine before my eyes, was something I never quite expected. The depth of immense happiness in knowing that I could share what I know and what I’ve learnt with other individuals, proved invaluable.

I’ve come to realize that “My Greatness is obtained through helping others step into Theirs”

Kris Reichert, Video Communications Coach

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What a Virtual Presenter does:

Corporate Video Reports

Meetings and group gatherings are no longer possible with the new safety regulations in the world and many company leaders are looking for new solutions in order to carry out their daily activities.
A Virtual Presenter or ‘V Host’ could be the perfect solution to deliver weekly reports to employees while they are working remotely.

Virtual Events

Events globally have been either cancelled or postponed, costing agencies and organizers a great loss of time and money. This has also led to a degree of uncertainty in the world as to when agencies can recommence their activities. In the meantime, a Virtual Presenter or ‘V Host’ could be a viable solution to reach audiences worldwide with Online Events and yet still, maintain all mandatory safety precautions.


We are shifting progressively into a digital era, with online learning becoming more and more a booming industry. The availability of information via experts, coaches and speakers is abundant and audiences are seeking means to upgrade their skills online. What is often underestimated however, is the importance of a strong moderator to introduce the speaker, in an engaging manner, with strong communication skills and a natural level of ‘likability’. Regardless of how talented the actual speaker might be, a good Moderator or ‘V Host’ could be a the best choice to make or break a talk!

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