12 Week Package of Individual Coaching Sessions with Kris Reichert


Learn how to speak to any camera or on any stage with Confidence, Clarity, Likability, Enthusiasm, Focus and most importantly, Impact.

You could be the most knowledgeable authority in any field or industry, but when it comes time to deliver your Ted talk, Webinar, Speech or Zoom Presentation, if you lack the confidence, clarity and focus needed to make a strong impression, your audience will be left unaffected and uninterested.

Did you know that by 2022, video will make up 82% of online customer traffic?

We’ve never been more remote, more streamed and more ‘On-Camera’ than we are now.

Which means that if you’re a business owner filming a promo ad, if you’re in a management position giving the weekly rundown on video, a business executive hosting a livestream, an industry leader called to do a Ted Talk or maybe you just want your sales team to be at the top of their game On-Camera, you and your team, have got to have strong and confident communication skills.

Lack of confidence results in poor body language, inability to maintain your train of thought, weak eye contact and powerless vocal tone. Sluggish communication skills results in a sluggish impact on your audience; I’m sorry to say it but chances are, they probably won’t remember a thing you said the following day and your company’s productivity levels will most likely start to decline.

Hi I’m Kris Reichert; I’m a former MTV Vj, TV Presenter and Radio Host. I’ve worked in Broadcast Media for over 25 years and while interviewing some of the world’s most influential pop stars on Red Carpets and Live in front of many television cameras, I’ve gained years of experience and insight, but most importantly, I’ve also made mistakes along the way. This is exactly why I’ve adapted many methods and techniques that I can coach you on, and that will allow you to learn from me and will prepare you to show up on-camera or on any stage, ready to WOW your audience.

I created a coaching program in which I help entrepreneurs, business professionals, young journalists, influencers and really anyone that needs to get on-camera and tell their story, I help them get better at it, I help them to Speak With Impact!

I coach professionals to up-level their communication skills, so that they can reach their ideal audiences and make a positive and memorable impression on them.

My new and exclusive Speak With Impact System – Video Communications program takes you on an 12 week journey in which I train you personally so that you can deliver a concise, memorable and entertaining talk, speech or online presentation, but most importantly, you will captivate your audience and leave them wanting more!

Here’s what we’ll cover, week by week:

  • Week 1 – Video Communications Goal Setting and Growth Strategy Framework
  • Week 2 – Upgrade your Self-Esteem, Improve Likability and feel Confidently YOU!
  • Week 3 – Use Positive Body Language to Connect Authentically with your Audience
  • Week 4 – Use Your Voice as a Powerful Instrument to Inspire the Crowd
  • Week 5 – The Art of Improvising and Creating Content out of nothing
  • Week 6 – Train your Mind and Mouth to Focus and be ‘Spot-On’
  • Week 7 – Timing is Key, trust the Spaces and let the Emotions Ignite
  • Week 8 – Create a Cohesive Communication Alignment with Your Brand Message
  • Week 9 – Make Your Story the Reason People feel Inspired and Emotionally Connected
  • Week 10 – Structure & Script a Video Ad that Converts
  • Week 11 – Film, Edit, Produce & Publish Your First Video Ad
  • Week 12 – Gather your new Strengths and Deliver ON AIR with Impact

Lead a thriving Online Business or Upgrade your Online Professional Skills by learning positive communication techniques from one of the most experienced professionals in the broadcast media industry:
Kris Reichert

Here’s what people are saying:

Kris is experienced in giving a speech herself, on being in front of the camera for many years. But often, you see experts who are not able to teach others to do the same. Not with Kris. Her course SPEAK WITH IMPACT gives you a solid foundation for a public speech or going on a live stream. The course is well structured and has great content. Plus, you get personal feedback from Kris which is extremely valuable when you’re practicing. Especially if you’re not used to seeing yourself on the camera.

Zhanna Perez
Founder of music production company ‘Make YOUR Music’

Kris is a fabulous coach. This is a great program because it is comprised of both teaching and interactive work. Participating in the coaching sessions along with doing the homework will really help you to improve your speaking skills. Kris is super supportive and gives you the tools to speak with confidence whether you are speaking to one person or a group. I really enjoyed the program, thank you Kris for being such a great speaking coach!! You have given me the confidence to not only speak to a group but with your support I also feel more confident to move forward with a new business venture knowing that I have the tools to succeed.

Jennifer MacPherson
Agent at RockStar Realtors and Motivational Speaker

Speak with impact” is a great course. It’s like a wonderful roundhouse kick on how to speak with impact, deliver a speech and wow your audience. Kris teaches with her great expertise in an empathic and authentic way and is giving you the most valuable tips and tricks, that are easy to use. I am able to highly recommend if you want to up-level your presentation and speech. A real power-boost.

Sibille Greiner
Graphic Designer and Branding Specialist

Receive individual guidance, week by week, with worksheets and exercises, that will allow you to drastically IMPROVE your speaking and on-camera skills, allowing you to UPGRADE your personal and professional abilities and as a result, take your business to the
Learn quickly how to WOW your audience, and as a result, you also WOW your new clients and pocket book!

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